Something momentous

Posted: January 23, 2010 in A Day in the Life

So what exactly do you write in your first official blog post?  Something momentous is called for here.  Something compelling and witty.  Something not overstated, yet not understated.  Neither pompous nor laden with false humility.  I’ve settled on something real.

I’m a writer.  It’s that simple.  It’s just how I process life.  Something important happens in my life?  I write.  In a troubled spot?  I journal.  A loved one dies?  I write a song.  It’s how I’m built.  Well, over time I’ve come to the place where I am compelled to share my writing with others.  It’s not that I feel I’m the authority on any given thing (though I am the most highly qualified authority on being me).  And it’s not that I feel my thoughts will change all humanity for all time.  Although that would be cool, I don’t think I could handle that kind of pressure.  Mostly, I just need to write.  And I do feel like I have something to say.  I will even go so far as to say that there are people, even a microcosm of humanity living on this terrestrial ball, that can benefit in some way from what I have to say.  Maybe not every day.  After all, if everyone liked everything I said everyday, then I would start to question my authenticity. 

So I’ll blog about what’s important to me.  What I’m learning as I move through life.  Share some thoughts that I’m crafting into book form.  How to break; the rules…of: good, sentence structure, ProPEr synTax, and from time two thyme some of the rools of speling.  And how to start sentences with “and”.  I’ll even provide a list of prepositions to end your sentences with.  Regardless what shape this blog takes, I confess that I am looking forward to the process of writing consistently.   Just the catharsis of expelling my inner thoughts alone is well worth the price of this blog (which is free, by the way). 

So I guess the final step is to officially welcome you to my blog.  I’m happy you’ve come.  So welcome.  Officially.


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