Posted: January 23, 2010 in A Day in the Life

I am continually fascinated by the power of words. Spoken, sung, written, whispered. Ever read a column where the most interesting statement is in the words that were not used? Words act as preservers of history. They are tellers of stories. They sing to us in the car or in our quieter moments. They soothe a hurting soul. They were the vehicle which held the power to create an entire universe and the domains of time. And yet words still have the gentleness to hush a crying child. They are declarers of war and ushers-in of peace. They are the great sealers of the vows between a bride and her groom and treaties among kings. They teach, instruct, and guide. They have been the inaugurators and impeachers of presidents. They carry the final thoughts of a man’s life and cradle the first utterings of a young baby. They carry weight as well as a certain contradiction. By what vehicle are the most eloquent speeches of a harsh dictator despised, while the babbling sounds of an infant cherished? I’ll tell you in just one word:  words.

Not only are words the great doers of past and future history, they are also the great thinkers and feelers of our most poignant moments.  They are simple and kind when spoken to one in need. They are clumsy from the lips of a toddler. They are slippery as they elude the boy who stutters to ask the girl a question. They are foretelling of regret as the thoughtless husband frantically fumbles to stuff them back into his mouth.  The way they provoke thought and laughter can be somber and silly. Their strength tears down cities and inspires new worlds. We love them and we hate them, but we cannot live without them. This is the power of words.

I must confess that in naming this blog, I was not settled with the current choice. Until now. For that is what this blog really is: a collection of words. Stories, poetry, weighty ideas, simple ones, and a look at life through a different looking glass. Whatever form these writings take, they will all hold this one thing in common. Words.


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