Posted: February 10, 2010 in Poetry and Song
I met a girl on a bus one day in 1955
Brown-eyed angel with a gentle voice
And a heart that was so alive
And the man said move to the back of the bus
And pointed to the sign
She took her stand as she sat that day
In 1955


She said, my name’s Rosa
I said, hey, aren’t you afraid?
She said, I’m not that kinda girl
Cause there’s nothin’ to fear so I’m stay’n right here
And I’m gonna change the world
And the driver shouted as she looked away,
A fierceness in her eyes
She’d only begun all the work to be done
In 1955


 And time stood as still as the bus on that day
When they made her stand aside
She wore different chains, but they still were the same
In 1955


And just today on the bus with a friend
Talkin’ about this divide
He said the days of Mr. Crow were so long ago
And they’re no longer alive
But if you ask the boy who was there on that day
About how things have changed, here’s what I’ll say
That the bus is moving now, but we’re still miles away
And all we can do is ride
While I tell you ‘bout the girl on the bus that day
In 1955.


In honor of Rosa Parks, civil rights hero.
©2010, Peach & Plum Music/Words and Music by Jonathan Grow
  1. jpgrow says:

    This is absolutely genius-level. I smell a Grammy nom. Completely stunning. I’m talking, of course, about Toby Mac’s new release “Tonight”.

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