what’s your dream?

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Artists and Creative

I’ve been following the #IHaveADream campaign on twitter these past few days.  People from across America and around the world are speaking their dreams aloud into the tweetosphere, and it is inspiring.  Many of the posts, appropriately, center around racial reconciliation.  Still others address broader dreams for human equality.  Being freshly inspired, I couldn’t help but jump in with the first of my own: “#IHaveADream that one day tolerance will end and respect will take its place”.

When my wife and I moved to Nashville almost 15 years ago, I held a narrow view that went something like this:  “Racism is in the past.  Can we please get over it?  Let’s move on.”.  In fact, it was years before my heart was softened and my eyes were opened to the more subtle form that racial division has taken.  It’s as though racism sensed that it was no longer culturally acceptable, so it went underground.  As I pondered this over the years, I gradually became aware of the many forms that division has taken.  And so I began to dream, and my dreams informed my art.  My dream goes something like this:

I have a dream that division of all kinds will be plain to all humanity, and that our differences will be seen as beautiful.  That together we will bring an end to differencism and the false arrogance that causes men and women to erect barriers between our races and our cultures.  That we will no longer harbor inside those feelings that say “I am better than you, but I will choose to tolerate you”.  That in its place, we will all hold a deep respect for one another and an authentic appreciation for the beauty of our differences.  Different, not divided.

That’s my dream today.  And I’m thankful for people such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Claudette Colvin, Rosa Parks, and countless others who have helped to illuminate the way toward not just racial reconciliation, but human reconciliation.  As a writer, singer, composer, and artist, I plan to shout my dream to the world through my art.  And I believe that I can make a difference.  I believe you can too.  Do you?  How about it?  What’s your dream?  And how will you choose to let the world know?

What’s your dream?




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