the deep downs

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Artists and Creative

There is something beautiful that happens when you read a simple, fairytale story.  It’s something that is hard to put into real words, yet feels as real as anything you’ve ever felt.  First, there is the maiden.  The princess. And she is in trouble.  Then there is you, the hero.  The knight.  There is danger.  There is the flash of metal and the certainty of death.  And the hero’s choice to face it anyway; to run, in fact, with all abandon into that which will certainly claim his life.  But she’s worth it. A thousand times over, she is worth it.  His  determination and courage help him along the way, but in the end it is his love for her that saves her and, in return, saves him.  And the kingdom is a better place for it.

Truly, I do not know what I am writing here.  But I do know why.  I just finished reading The Tale of Despereaux and my heart has been stirred by the purity of the story.  And so, I have to write, just hoping that some of what I’m feeling will leak out of my fingertips and onto the page, even if the result is merely a restatement of some simple truth that I already know, yet need reminding of.

What stirs me (almost to tears, I must admit) is not the beauty and innocence of the story, though the story is both.  What stirs me as I behold something beautiful is never the beauty itself, but my need for it.  My need to believe that it is true, my need for the hope that transfers to me through the truth of real beauty.  I must go further though.  It isn’t simply my need that allows it to stir me, but my deep-down belief that beauty and goodness and truth – that hope itself is real, and not just real but more real than anything I’ve known.  Perhaps it is the same for you.  What stirs us so is that those truths which we most believe about the world – those truths of beauty, hope, goodness, and love – are not only real, but that they’ve been long lost to us.  That they, like the princess, lie locked away in the deep downs of the dungeon.  What is stirred in us is that they are there and that not only must we rescue them, but more alarming still, that we can rescue them at all.  Just reading about our hopes and embarking on any quest at all breathes a sort of life into us like nothing else can.  For when we set out to rescue the princess who is the hope of love and beauty, we set out to  rescue ourselves.  It is at that moment that we remember what is most important; that we remember the fire inside us that we always come back to, that burning sense of what we were meant to do in that now moment.  It is at that moment that we remember that dream, that quest that is uniquely our own.  It is at that moment when we most feel like  who we were meant to be.  And, my friend, finding the moment where you can be who you were most meant to be is…may I say it?  Ahhh…but I don’t need to say it.  Because it is my guess that even  reading those words calls forth an emotion and a truth inside of you that I would only ruin by putting into words.  And so, I will leave it there; unformed on this  page, yet most perfectly felt inside you.  And I will also leave you with this, a question:  what is it that calls to you from the deep downs, and what is it that you were meant to do about it, here, in this moment?

  1. dbh4asong says:

    I love the open ended way you’ve wrapped this up. It lets the reader really wrestle with the questions your asking. Thank you for not spoon feeding us. This is the way we will experience our own “deep downs” and own them for ourselves. Really insightful my friend! Keep bringing these to us!

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